Why the World’s First Virtual Reality High School Changes Everything

A place for the chess club to meet on American High School’s new campus.
  • When learning anatomy, a teacher can reach into the chest cavity of a cadaver and pull out a human heart and hand it to students standing around the table. The student from the Caribbean will hold it, examine it and then hand it to the student standing just to the right who happens to be — physically- in Denver, Colorado.
An American High School student
  • When students first enter the class, they see each other, verbally greet each other and just like the real world, can fist bump each other and haptically feel it. Stop and consider that for a moment. Two students, half a hemisphere apart, can fist bump and feel it in this metaverse classroom.
  • When studying astronomy, students do what students do in the physical world — they travel to a planetarium (at least in school districts that still have a field trip budget). The students in the VR version of American High School do the same, but unlike their earthbound counterparts, they leave the planetarium, enter the transporter and ‘beam up’ to the starship. From there, they don a space suit and go on a space walk to see celestial bodies up close.

Geographic Agnosticism

Students map for AHS VR School

It Finally Happened

Paleontology Island on the American High School Campus




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