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  • Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith

    Dreamer, thinker, and writer. Author of Substack’s Voice and on Twitter: @Jennifer_Smith5

  • Amy Sea

    Amy Sea

    16 X Top Writer, Editor— Comedian, Satirist, Humorist, Top Writer. Publisher of Breast Stories. Follow my pub https://medium.com/boobs-breasts-and-mammaries

  • Amanda Sexton

    Amanda Sexton

    Free thinking, braless, non-conformist.

  • Nicolò Carpignoli

    Nicolò Carpignoli

    Working @ https://chialab.it | https://nicolocarpignoli.github.io/me

  • Dr Mehmet Yildiz

    Dr Mehmet Yildiz

    Technologist, Inventor, Cognitive Scientist, empowering writers & readers. Founder of ILLUMINATION, curating key messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com

  • Greylock


    Early partners of remarkable teams building companies that matter. www.greylock.com

  • Maria Cross

    Maria Cross

    MSc. Registered nutritionist, specialising in diet, gut, and mental health. Visit AllYouCanEat.Org.UK for free brain food guide, or to book a consultation

  • Leah Iris

    Leah Iris

    Sex writer, ethical nonmonogamist, health care worker, BDSM enthusiast. Bringing health science and psychology to non-monogamy https://www.youngcouplesparty.com

  • Arabella Blaze

    Arabella Blaze

    If you’re interested in infidelity, female desire, sexual dynamics, and the weird stuff we don’t talk about outside the bedroom, you’ll want to follow me…

  • Sequoia


    From idea to IPO and beyond, we help the daring build legendary companies. Follow our publication for more Sequoia perspectives: https://seq.vc/Sequoia-pub

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