A Netflix Moment for Virtual Reality in the Workplace

This CNBC chart shows the battle was over 9 years after the fateful meeting.
Walmart trained associates with 17,000 headsets, four at every store in the U.S.
Forklifts navigate this warehouse as drivers learn the simulator before taking to the floor.
The Oculus Quest 2
The Vive Focus Plus in use at an education conference.
PWC finds dramatic results from learning in virtual reality. Image from ARPost.
Zoom fatigue worked its way into the lexicon in 2020.
Mattel is experimenting with toy design on Spatial. Image from VR Scout.
  1. An incumbent(s) that is looking past their technology disruptor.
  2. A product that has either a lower cost or provides greater value for the money.
  3. A product that is superior to the existing product in a significant way.
  1. Airplane simulators, which cost millions to develop just 15 years ago, are essential to training a workforce. Today, a forktruck simulator can be purchased for a $110 per month subscription.
  2. Employees from across a country — or even across the globe — can now gather in the same place to work, train or plan without leaving home.
  3. The world’s best trainers and experts can gather in the same room with workers without the burden and cost of travel.




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